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Health and wellness application for first responders in partnership with Apple Inc.


UX Designer

UX Researcher


1 Product Owner

1 Project Manager

3 Engineers

3 UX Designers 

10+ Major Stakeholders


Nov 2021 - Aug 2022

About Shield

Shield is an application created to help organizations and employees make choices that encourage the building of positive wellness habits based on employee health data.

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Problem Space

Law enforcement officers live an average of 15 years less than the rest of the population of the United States. According to the American Heart Association, the average age of a police officer who suffers a heart attack is 49 years old, compared to 67 years old for the general public.

The Idea

To help officers make better decisions for their overall wellness, the application would use data from the apple watch to create insights or suggestions for better health.

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The Research

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Apple and the National Health Service outlined four areas of police officers' lives that determined their health and wellness. Using the health and biometric data collected from the Apple Watch as well as user manual input, we correlated the data points with the indicators of health and wellness shown in research. 

The Product

Shield uses data gathered from the Apple Watch and user-entered information to correlate data and create personalized health insights for each user. It uses data visualization to show the correlations between certain habits and positive health outcomes, as well as suggesting ways to improve overall health and wellness for first responders. 

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Shield's mood check-in feature is a way of capturing the current mood of the police officer. Using this emotional check in, Shield correlates the mood data to the other data it gathers and uses it to generate insights. 

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Dashboard (Sleep comparison).png
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The dashboard within the application allows users to see more in-depth information about each of the categories that Shield pulls data from, as well as how they correlate to Shield's health insights.

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Shield also places importance on mental health for first responders by helping them process their emotions as well as pointing them to mental health resources.


Shield also includes an administrator view that displays the averages of health data for the police station and all its officers as a whole. The dashboard helps the head of the department make decisions for how and when to allocate resources to improve specific factors that contribute to an officer’s health and wellbeing.

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